Newsday’s “moral compass” Filler a man of convictions….well, at least six convictions

The much maligned New York print publication Newsday is facing yet another possible scandal.

A few years back, the Long Island based tabloid was hit with a 100-million dollar penalty for lying about their circulation. It is now uncovered that the publication’s editorial writer, Lane Filler, was convicted for a string of crimes ranging from domestic violence to multiple check frauds.

Filler’s crime spree occurred in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, where he was then known as Adam L. Filler. It is not certain whether or not the writer uses his current alias to hide his past criminality, but Kara Williams, who lives outside Columbia and was close to one of the victims scammed by Filler, believes that is exactly why.

“It amazes me that anyone would hire Adam,” Kara said. “I watched him at one of his arraignments just standing there without an ounce of remorse. The prosecutor told me and the other woman afterwards, ladies, you have been hurt by the true scum of the earth! We all agreed. To find out that Filler is actually considered a ‘moral compass’ to anyone is flabbergasting!”

Filler and another writer, Rita Ciolli from Huntington, NY, write the bulk of Newsday’s editorials. Adam L. Filler now lives in an apartment in the city of Smithtown, NY with his wife Angela and child. Smithtown is about fifteen miles east of the city of Melville where Newsday is currently published.

James Morris – Richland County, South Carolina

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