She’s your neighbor and a local Newsday investigative reporter. But how well do you really know her? Read her quotes below to find out. And consider this: this is the type of person NEWSDAY employs to shine a light on wrongdoing.

WE ARE TAUGHT to love our neighbors as ourselves.

SANDRA PEDDIE teaches college-age students that people dying makes a better news story.“Now, it would have been better had the balcony collapsed and a bunch of people gotten killed. It would have been a great, great story and it would have won all sorts of prizes, but instead they had to spend half a million dollars to fix it. Oops.”

WE ARE TAUGHT that the life of a child is innocent and should be protected.

SANDRA PEDDIE questions “…why it’s worse for children to get killed than anybody else…”

WE ARE TAUGHT to respect and love our elders.

SANDRA PEDDIE says “…oh God, who cares about a bunch of old people in a nursing home…” Watch the full video. Decide for yourself if Sandra Peddie is a person you’d want as your neighbor or friend, or as the person teaching our young people about journalism.

Photo and quotes taken from a March 6, 2013 speaker series at Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism.

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